Storage of any kind of data on a internet based platform such as Dropbox, SpiderOak, One Drive & many more.

The critical benefits to cloud storage are:
* Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
* Collaboration with other users via an online platform.
* Increased security in the majority of cases as you can not physically lose or break any media.
* Most cloud storage solutions automate the process of which your files are transferred to the cloud.
* Available cross platform from PC to Mac, Windows Mobile to Apple iOS.

Every provider has terms and conditions that need to be considered when selecting a cloud storage solution. In some cases the terms and conditions can compromise your security and not be as safe as you may think. If these terms and conditions are of concern to you then please contact a team member so what we can assist you.

Most solutions base cost on the amount of storage you require, offering you a free amount to begin with and then a subscription based pricing structure to increase the amount of solution.