Security Audit

Any organisation should have as a minimum adequate protection against anti-virus threats, providing active real time AV scanning. The most common methods of which threats can be introduced to your system is via, USB Storage and/or E-Mail attachments.
Choosing an anti-virus is a mind field, there are many providers on the market that offer varying protection, however we can help you with this selection, implementation and management.

Ensuring your systems are well maintained and software is up to date provides an essential layer of protection against threats. Most operating systems come with ability to automatically update, in a corporate network you have the added ability to manage the updates applied, when & how to limit the impact to users

Updates for Windows XP have now been ceased and soon Windows Server 2003 from July 2015 will no longer have updates developed. This is a significant security risk and we would highly recommend that you should consider updating your system.

Firewalls are to be considered as two different entities, Hardware & Software. Most individual computer systems can have a managed software based firewall, protecting from computer to computer related issues within a internal network. Hardware related firewalls are most common with protecting your internal network from external access from the internet.

As well as hardware firewalls protecting you from an external access threat, there are now additional network security appliances (NSA) which provide filtering of all traffic into your network, providing Anti-SPAM, Anti-Malware, Anti-virus, Web filtering based on the user who was logged in, offering granular services.

Dependant on the network configuration, there should be substantial control over the systems in use in your business. Many permissions and policies can be controlled and implemented centrally to allow you assist users to remain focused whilst ensuring that your network is secured.

Considerations to bare in mind:
* What users can access.
* How users can interact.
* What can be installed.
* Internet & Social media usage
* Actively monitoring users