Technical Consultancy

With many years of experience in the IT services industry we are aware of the most common pitfalls and the solutions of which to resolve them. If you have an existing IT Team lacking the time to resolve a particular issue or need a solution for a particular problem we no doubt have the expertise to assist you.

The Surf Tech Way

A methodological way to planning how we can best assist you with your fault finding, problem solving or project managing.


Assessing the situation, understanding the problem and understanding your business in the way that it works is key to resolving a problem that you maybe experiencing.


Implementing a solution and/or resolving a key issue within you business needs planning.
* Who is affected?, How are they affected?, How to implement a resolution with limited to no downtime and is it cost effective?


If the situation is available whereby we have the ability to run a solution side by side you existing system for testing purposes is ideal and with available technology and ability to loan equipment we can ensure that any solution is tried and tested to meet your needs.