The days of having a room full of servers for running a small/medium enterprise is over. With the technology available today you can run multiple virtual servers on single physical server.

The simple answer is yes, investing in a server that supports virtualisation can provide you with multiple benefits. Reducing your carbon footprint due to efficiency, minimising the amount of physical space used by consolidating existing servers, increased server uptime, improved disaster recovery and extend the life of older applications.

Obviously every business has different software and requirements but in most cases the migration path is straight forward and easily managed and allows for very little downtime.

As a Microsoft Partner we tend to lead towards the Hyper-V product as we have found it to very cost effective and efficient. Microsoft Hyper-V is very scalable for users of a small business 20-30 users, using multiple different services and software, but also suitable for large enterprises with thousands of employees. There is also the ability to utilise the Microsoft Azure platform and offer a mixture of Private/Hybrid/Public cloud solutions. Overall the use of virtualisation offers a great level of flexibility.

Speak to our team and we can assist with your VIRTUAL needs.