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Cloud Computing Services Worcestershire

Backed up, secure, accessible anywhere

You just want your system safely backed up and working -. This is exactly what we provide, whether you’re an SME or a much larger operator.

Cloud computing services are having their time. No longer are they ‘nice to have’, they’re essential to operate efficiently.

You and your team are on the move, so your system must be too. And only backing up internally is high risk. Don’t go there.

Better cloud computing repays you in buckets.

Which cloud is for you?

You’ll be familiar with cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Widely used, they’re great for some businesses and we’ll help you get set up.

But there is another cloud to consider – ours.

Surf Tech Cloud offers the best of both worlds. Hosted by us, it’s robust and secure. Only available to our clients, your data sits on a private structure. Fully functional, you’ll have the flexibility you need.

Whatever your budget, our cloud computing services are for you.

Have your cake and eat it

Sometimes, having a bit of everything works best. That’s why we can offer a hybrid solution to suit you exactly.

Perhaps you’d like your accounting and payroll backed up to our private Surf Tech Cloud whilst using something like SharePoint for everything else?

No problem.

We can discuss your existing systems, your scope, and your budget to help you make the right decision. Remember: no pushy salespeople here, just technicians with knowledge to help you.

Let’s find the right cloud for you.

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