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Telephony Services Worcestershire

Connection and conversation anywhere

No organisation can survive without constant conversation. connection hampers your operations and dents your reputation. Don’t go there.

Old school telephony is expensive and inflexible whilst slow internet connections play havoc with productivity – which means revenue.

You might not know better. We do…



Cloud phone systems and speedy internet

When you want better connectivity, talk to us. We handle everything.

Has the pandemic changed the way businesses work forever? We think so.

Hybrid working relies heavily on robust connection. Which means fast internet speeds and a phone system that works like your office – in the kitchen, the spare room, even the beach!

Cloud telephony is a cost-effective and flexible way to operate your phone system. We choose 3CX for its market leadership. And you could be up and running from £200.

When your internet is driving you mad, talk to us. FTTC, FTTP, and leased lines are all in a day’s work for us.

Keep in touch for less

A traditional office phone system uses a network of extensions – and you’ll pay for each one in a specific location. This becomes costly when some extensions are rarely used.

It’s also inflexible. What if you’re working away from your extension?

All rather messy, this old school method is losing favour.

Small offices don’t want to pay thousands for a system that leaves them deskbound or uncontactable (not everyone wants to hand out mobile numbers).

Cloud telephony is everything you want – cheaper, flexible, and scalable.

Based on simultaneous connections, not fixed extensions, small operators can be up and running for just hundreds with a cloud telephone system. You can even take an office call from the golf course if you wish.

American Express, Holiday Inn and Mitsubishi use 3CX. In fact, it supports 250,000 companies and 5 million users daily. That’s why it’s our choice of cloud telephony.

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