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On-Premise IT Solutions

Enhancing your hardware on premise

Don’t just hold us at arm’s length, we’ll get stuck in on site too. Choosing and installing the right hardware infrastructure is tough without people in the know. That’s us.

IT infrastructure develops so quickly. What was right two years ago could be outdated today. And yet, hardware is a big investment. You want maximum service life from every bit.

Don’t hedge your bets. Make better decisions with us on board.

Your hands on IT team

You might want a server on premise for the first time. Maybe you’re ready to enhance an old system. Perhaps you fancy a mixture of on site and cloud storage.

Talk to us and determine the right IT infrastructure for your organisation.

We’ll work at your premises enhancing networks, migrating data – whatever’s required. All with minimal disruption to your working week.

Let us take the strain so you don’t have to.

Why keep your IT infrastructure on premise?

Many businesses prefer the idea of buying hardware up front and owning it outright. It’s certainly an alternative to paying monthly fees for storage and hosting.

Is it better? That depends on your objectives.

Some feel more in control with their server on premise. And it can be more cost-effective. But it won’t suit everyone, which is why we offer you plenty of choice.

The best way for you is the best way for us.

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