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IT Services Worcestershire

Keeping your IT running, whatever happens

Data loss, IT failure, viruses, malware. They’re not words you want to associate with your business. So, how would you fare if the worst happened?

Downtime is disastrous. Even an hour’s outage can lose revenue and frustrate your customers.

And if you don’t have IT know-how to recover the situation, it’s a huge headache for the entire team (and a constant fear for you).

There is a better way…

Managed IT services – feel less vulnerable

We stop you falling and catch you if you do.

Remotely monitoring many aspects of your system 24/7, our managed IT services resolve many issues before they grow. Often before you know about them.

For example, when we monitor your server, we check the temperature daily. We also watch your disc space and update your software promptly to prevent glitches. Nothing gets missed.

Of course, challenges like a power outage cannot always be predicted. But as your IT services company, we’re on hand seven days a week to get you operating again – quickly.

Always at the end of a phone

You can log tickets or send us an email, but you’ll also find our friendly technicians at the end of a phone. No frustrating call centre unable to answer your questions.

Nine out of ten problems are quickly resolved with one phone call. Because that’s what you want.

And should you have a hardware fault, we’ll liaise with third parties such as Dell and HP, so they turn up with the right information to fix it fast.

We get it. You just want your IT to work so you can focus on your business.

Keeping you updated

To suit your business, we’ll provide the ongoing communication you need. That might be a monthly virtual IT director resource or a quarterly IT services review.

You’ll understand exactly how we’re supporting you and have knowledge to make the right IT decisions for your company.

All in all, we give you exactly what you want – daily peace of mind and an IT system that won’t let your business down.

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