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- 18th Jan 2023

Tech Tip – Search For Related Websites Or Synonyms In Google

If you need to research competitors (for example) and look at similar websites, or you need relevant search information about something but may not know the exact words to type in, here are two small Google tips that could be a big help:

Searching for similar websites:

– To search for a similar website to it (e.g. :

– In the Google search box, type:

– Press return and Google lists all related websites.

To search for synonyms, for instance how to (still) search for relevant results where you may not know the exact words to look for:

– Using affordable fitness bands as an example, in the Google search box, type: ~affordable fitness bands

– Press return and Google will then list all the sites with different but relevant and similar terms, e.g. cheap fitness trackers or budget fitness tracker

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